The vi editor

"Hated by many, cherished by few, the vi editor is what separates the consultants from you." - anonymous, 11/98

Esc   cancel/go back to normal mode
:q    quit
:wq!  write and quit
G     go to eof
1G    go to line 1
50G   go to line 50
-     go to begin of prev line
+     go to begin of next line
$     go to end of current line
^     go to begin of current line
/xxx  find xxx
z.    refresh
dd    delete line
D     delete rest of line
x     delete current char
a     insert after curremt char
i     insert ahead of current char
o     insert after current line
cw    change word under cursor
J     join lines
yy    copy line to clipboard
p     paste line above cursor

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