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Interface Files, IP and Port Translation


SUN installations have interface file entries that appear cryptic - see below
for a dissection of a typical entry.

Interfaces file fragment:

\x0002 08fc a825d0b5 0000000000000000

Breakdown appears below:,2300

a8 168
25 37
d0 208
b5 181


Denotes that this entry is a TLI "address family". This is always at
the start of a TLI address. TCP/IP is family 2. Depending on the
network vendor and the byte order of the machine, this works out as a
hexadecimal "0002" (most common) or "0200" (the format is
dependent on whether the machine is "little endian" or "big endian").
Take a look at how your current interfaces file is structured to
confirm your address family number format, and make a change to
the variable ADDRESS_FAMILY in tli_mapper accordingly.

This is the hexadecimal equivalent of the port number. In this
example, the hexadecimal address 1E6C translates to the decimal
address 7788.

This 8-digit hexadecimal address is the translation of the decimal IP
address equivalent. The address is formed by translating each decimal
portion of the IP address, separated by the period, to its hexidecimal
equivalent(minus the periods). Single digits are entered with a leading
9D 157
0E 14
7D 125
24 36

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