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Installing DBI Database Drivers


Installing DBI for database access from Perl and many other languages / platforms.

1) get DBI ( and download (latest is DBI-1.58)
2) gunzip and untar the file tar -zxf FILE
3) if you are root continue on -- otherwise set your path to pick up your perl path export PATH=your/path/to/perl/bin:$PATH

4) change to the untarred directory (cd DBI-1.58) and execute perl Makefile.PL (remember use the Perl you want to install DBI into)

5) make sure you have cc (c compiler) in your path -- then execute make
6) if no errors -- execute make test
7) if looks OK (you see something like "All tests successful, 31 tests and 379 subtests skipped.") execute make install

Now you can install various db drivers -- let's use Oracle as an example

8) find the oracle DBD ( and download
9) Now, here you need a oracle client setup -- oracle now has an "instant client" which works pretty good (

10) For this example we pick the linux zip (since we can't install RPM's on our server)

11) Unzip this file -- it will create a directory called instantclient_10_2 -- move this to where you want.
12) download the sdk file -- (perl needs header files in here to build)
13) unzip to where you installed instant client -- this will create a sub directory called sdk that has header files Perl needs

14) now you need to set 2 environment variables for Perl to Install
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/share/holt/ph7/instantclient_10_2
export ORACLE_HOME=/share/holt/ph7/instantclient_10_2
15 ) perl Makefile.PL -V (pass in the version of instant client -- in our case it was
16) to make test work add these 2 env vars
export ORACLE_USERID='userid/passs'
17) if you see something like "All tests successful, 4 tests and 122 subtests skipped" go and do make install
18) If make install goes clean now run a test. All the env vars you set can be unset -- as long as you point to the Perl

that you installed this on this will work!
like so (bash shell script -- enter in your particulars)

use strict;
use DBI;
my $dbh = DBI->connect( 'DBI:Oracle://YOURHOSTHAME/YOURSERVICE_NAME','YOURUSERID', 'YOURPASSWORD', { RaiseError => 1, AutoCommit => 0 } ) || die "Database connection not made: $DBI::errstr";

my $sql = qq{ SELECT 1 from dual}; # Prepare and execute SELECT
my $sth = $dbh->prepare($sql);

my $tret;
$sth->bind_columns( \$tret);

print "Data from Table:\n\n"; # Fetch rows from DB

while( $sth->fetch() ) {
print "$tret\n";


20) Here our your results

Data from Table:


19) Optionally you can remove the sdk directory in the instantclient install if you are worried about space
20) You are done

** Thanks to Jerry Dumblauskas for this example.

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