Javascript 101

An overview of the Javascript language illustrated with several examples. Advanced techniques for creating tables and frames are also included. Please send any examples or corrections to the address below - and I'll integrate them into this site (with credit of course). Don't forget to bookmark this page !

Javascript Concepts

Compared to Java
Where Javascript fits in HTML
Suitable Javascript applications
Javascript Tips

Javascript Workshop

Example1: Increment a counter, within an edit field
Example1a: Destroying a frame using Javascript
Example2: Writing to a web page
Example2a: Writing to a frame
Example3: Frameset example
Example4: Simple animation, with a timer
Example5: Image Mapping
Example6: Frameset, with menu system
Example7: Arrays in Javascript
Example8: Elements within a form
Example9: Loading a different page dynamically
Example10: Loading a different page based on URL
Document: Redirecting Page Access
Document: Getting the Browser Name
Sample Page: Slide Show
Sample Application: Trouble Ticket Tracking (prototype)

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