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Foundation Underpinning Project: Preparation

Initial Preparation

  • Get the incoming water lines marked. Call 312-744-7000, tell them you need a Water Department Digger Ticket. Explain that you need the water lines marked, for some foundation work. They will give you a Digger #. Call 630-739-0546 and give them the Digger #.
  • Have the outgoing sewer lines marked .. have an experienced plumber use a sewer-cam to plot the entrance and exit point of the sewer lines. Usually in a straight line from the catch basin to the street.
  • Have a Plat of Survey drawn up, ALTA/ACSM style.
  • If plans for the building are not available, hire a crew to do exploratory excavation.
  • Have them dig two holes, 2' wide, at least 6 inches deeper than the foot of the foundation. It is critical that the nature of the foundation (stone,brick,concrete) be established.

Choose your contractors with care, we chose Atlas Restoration for our project. Would we recommend them? Click here to see the result of the work.

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