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Building » Foundations » Underpinning Repair

Building Foundation Problems - Underpinning

An underpinning problem occurs when a structure is settling/sinking to the point where repairs are needed to shore up the foundation.

Project Costs of an Underpinning Repair Project

Costs are rough estimates for the project in Chicago. For suburban or rural areas, the price should be 25-30% less. Please note these tips when reviewing the sales quote:
  • Materials charge. Make sure you are given credit for materials not used. If the quote is for a 50 foot pier, and the contractor installs a 30 foot pier, you should get a credit for the unused materials.
  • Labor charge. Make sure you get a decent estimate as to the hours required for the job. If you are quoted for a four week project, and the contractor completes it in one week .. there is something wrong.
  • Take photos or videotape the installation. Some contractors take shortcuts during the installation of these piers - a visual record can help solve disputes.

Project setup / overhead$2000
Architect / Engineer drawings and calculations
(required in Chicago)
Geo Survey
(required in Chicago)
Cost Per Pier (Support)
Non-helical 4" steel pier,30 foot, schedule 40 steel, galvanized$1000
Temporary Supports and Rebar, Materials
(required in Chicago)
Installation, per pier incl concrete work$1200 (4 member crew, 1 day)

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